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Pricing The extension hair itself is a SEPARATE cost from the install. The amount (grams/packs of hair), length and color(s) needed can only be determined at the in person consultation, which also determines the cost of the hair. Most clients need a MINIMUM of 2 packs of hair (around 90 - 120 grams) to match their density. Those with thicker hair may certainly need more than 2 packs to match their natural density and machine wefts (also known as volume wefts) may be a better option for these clients. There are some rare occasions where a client may only need 1 pack of hair to match their density. During your in person consult, we will discuss and determine which type of extension weft is best for you based on several factors (natural density, length desired, volume desired, overall condition of client's hair, etc).


Installation & Maintenance Your hair extensions will need to be "moved up" to keep the bonds closer to the scalp and to keep your hair healthy. Maintenance move ups or "mini move ups" are needed every 4 to 6 weeks. When properly cared for, most clients can get 2-3 maintenance move ups before having to get a full reinstall, typically every 10-16 weeks and the same hair can be used for approximately 9-12 months.


Caring for Your Extensions

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